I can't help but argue with people... I'm combative and argumentative and equipped with logic and a vast array of knowledge on many MANY facts. Why do people insist on inciting my rage by stating things which are simply AND PROVABLY incorrect?

Case and point... someone on a level 1 alt comes into the forums and makes the suggestion that:

1) DKs are hit harder than any other class by the resilience buff.
2) The resilience buff will simply mean more dps classes wearing PvE gear in PvP [ostensibly devaluing resilience even though it has been buffed].

There IS a tipping point. We have seen it before... at level 70, there was essentially an amount of resilience which would allow you to easily overcome almost any adversary's attacks for a short amount of time. The change to resilience doesn't do anything except realize this situation yet again. That is, if DPS classes in PvP feel that by wearing full PvP gear, they are not doing enough damage to resil-capped targets, they will wear PvE gear to make up for the difference, then DPS will focus on DPS, as they will be more likely than healers to be stacking PvE gear.

This is exactly what seems to be intended by this change... healers will live A LITTLE BIT (not infinitely) longer under pressure and DPS will too, if everyone is wearing resilience. What will it mean if a DPS chooses to wear PvE gear to make up the difference in damage? He will be wearing less resilience, and thus explode faster than anyone else. INTENDED.

DKs getting hit harder than any other DPS class by the resilience buff? Clearly, DKs do not know how blanket buffs work. Everyone will be taking less damage, not just DK targets. I honestly cannot respond to this notion without becoming ill... it's just fuming by a class which has been overpowered for the majority of this expansion, finally brought back in line with all dps classes except mages and warriors, and is whining about no longer being the upper echelon of damage-dealers.

I have absolutely NO sympathy for DKs in PvP, their damage is still extremely strong given their control abilities.