Sorry, I really should have broken this story on Tuesday... I don't really have an excuse >_< Anyway, yes, the points were reset but the season wasn't. Next Tuesday will (likely) mark the beginning of season 8.

So far, we have had limited testing with the new resilience change, but enough to know that it will matter a little bit. Essentially, whenever more damage reduction is added to the game, I simply get beat up less while stunned. Essentially, Ferals have the added benefit of EVERYONE and their mother having stuns now, which means that Cat Form takes less damage from everyone while stunned... which is often.

The hilarious thing is that I had the Marks hunter we picked up try and Kill Shot me in a duel while stunned with Barkskin up... Kill Shot crits you for 2k... hilarious damage reductions with Resilience and Barkskin and stun damage reduction.

Guntir doesn't think there's anything in store for us besides the Resilience change... but I think that there MIGHT be something more in store Arena-wise. Something like a blanket PvP-healing reduction, but you never know. He's probably right.