That's what I'm getting - burned out. Feral has a lot of problems and they haven't been fixed in this expansion. Don't get me wrong... there are a LOT of fixes that went through and helped Feral a LOT in Wrath; this expansion was probably the BEST Feral expansion to date, but we still have some problems:

* Barkskin is dispellable with nothing to buffer it against the purge-spam and 0% dispel resist for Ferals.
* Infected Wounds has zero dispel buffers and 0% dispel resist.
* Shred is our only source of good damage and it's extremely hard to use effectively in PvP.
* Our CP-gen is ridiculously low when compared to Rogues'.
* Our finishers, while starting strong in Wrath, have been nerfed or made lackluster by other classes abilities getting buffs while ours are ignored (hello Envenom versus FB...)
* The opportunity cost for Cyclone is EXTREMELY high or impossible to get off under pressure.

The Blues have announced that some class changes for Cataclysm are going to start being announced soon (and by soon, I mean tomorrow, the next day, and the day after that). I am at the point where should they announce something that I don't like, I may just sideline my Feral for a while (or just play him sparingly to get full Wrathful). I am extremely interested to see how the new dispel systems work as well as all other changes to various classes... but I'm kind of sick of Wrath now... the damage dealing in PvP has gotten out of hand with Cataclysm as the only end in sight.

That being said, I'm playing more 2s with my Rogue (and Guntir as shadow... it's kind of silly) and we're grinding up with my heroic/hateful gear to get me the T1 daggers. I guess if we find the time and a decent mage we will probably try and roll some RMP action with it to see just how hilariously easy it is (and it is... Guntir's mage in crap gear with my rogue in crap gear and a priest in decent-to-crap gear hit 1500 in 3s last season without much effort... putting Guntir into the healing spot as an amazing priest with a decent mage would probably net us some fun and medium-to-high ratings).

Lastly, one of my readers is a fink. I made some disparaging remarks about Bio in the last post. I'll admit it, I was angry about something that wasn't related to him directly, but I took it out on him. I don't really care who linked him here; that's water under the bridge or over the dam, or however you like it. Bio's a good hunter, my only concern is that I feel we sometimes hold each other back. Like I said before, we tried Disc+Feral+Marks to limited success just because the peels weren't right. Ultimately, I don't think that is a very good comp (and neither do Bio or Guntir)... so we switched to Pally+Feral+Marks which is a much better comp but we still play it wrong sometimes.

I don't think I'm perfect. If you watch ANY of my videos that I link on here, I make mistakes OFTEN. My main problem, I feel, is that in Holy+Feral+Marks comp, I tend to get too trainy in thinking I'm playing with a Warrior (where you ARE training hard and switching less), and Bio occassionally thinks he's playing PHD where I can peel for him effectively all the time so he can start nuking people. The fact of the matter is that Pally+Feral+Marks is a good comp... but most Lock+Rogue teams will give us a hard time. We play really well against RMP (I don't think we've really lost to more than 1 since getting the pally on the squad... and they were 2400) and other Priest comps, but we rely on the fact that Priests are bad healers for the most part. Everyone would probably do better with different comps, is basically what I'm getting at. If Bio+Kyske replaced me with a DK, they'd skyrocket because they know how to play that better... if we replaced Bio with a Warrior, we'd probably do better just because I'm better at training people with strategic Cyclones.

Again, I was pissed off about something else; I never meant to hurt anyone's feelings (although, I will admit that I'm surprised I have readers who would take the time to send my team-mates links to my blog lawl).

I will, of course, post back when more Druid changes are announced. The only announcements we have currently are the Dispel changes, and those are only half-formed (they haven't even said whether Ferals will retain Dispel Curse or Cure Poison, though they did say that Prot/Ret will be losing Dispel Magic...).