Yes, today the powers that be will announce the druid changes... and while I expect the majority of the content to be useless for my needs (read: 1/3 will be boomer stuff and another 1/3 will be resto... leaving 1/3 of the information as interesting). HOWEVER, this is the first glimpse into the Cataclysm changes as they pertain to Ferals. While I understand that LIKELY blizz will try and come up with unique changes, here is a list of things I would NOT mind seeing for this preview:

1) Ferocious Bite changed to deal stupid damage when the target is "in execute range" (I would say below 20/25% hp... but all the executes work differently... so that's dumb...)

2) Feral Charge (Cat) changed to be less terrible (though I doubt this will change much given that it was a replica of Heroic Leap... which they're adding BACK for warriors). Something with a Root/Stun would be nice... taking out the "takes you to your opponent's back" portion would do a lot as well. I half-believe they will add a root/stun portion to the spell OR lower the cooldown. From the Heroic Leap discussion, the devs mentioned that it would likely "stun the opponent so they will be there when you get there."

3) Kick... dear lord do we need a kick-mechanic.

4) Feral DoTs will scale with Haste/Crit innately (just like SPriests and Locks preview mentioned). I want to be able to stack both of those stats and make Rip and Rake powerful in PvP.

5) Bear Form is made LESS squishy in PvP than Cat Form... I want a reason to use Bear Form again. Bear Form is supposed to be our tank form; make it so!

6) I would say dispel resist for Infected Wounds... but Abolish and Cleansing totem are getting removed... that SHOULD be enough.

7) Barkskin dispel resist moved higher in the resto tree... but I'm guessing that that won't be announced until the trees are released.

I have a meeting right now with some big-ups in the UK, so I'll be detained a bit. I will add to this post if I think of anything else I would like to see for the notes, AND OF COURSE I will create a new post concerning EVERYTHING that gets posted about Druids after it happens (unless it's the last post of the day... aka Midnight, I'll be drunk likely. If it's the last post of the day... look to my coming on Monday).


First, they have post the first preview of the day and it was Hunters. At this point, I am going to go ahead and predict that Druids are going to be the last preview of the day because I play a Druid and Blizzard hates me. Second, the following is a list of abilities I don't personally feel we need but are 50-50 on getting announced anyway:

1) Vanish - we don't NEED vanish. We don't really get any boon from being stealthed outside of Pounce... which is going to share DR with every other stun (just like CS, presumably).

2) Premeditation-like-ability - we don't need this either... it doesn't matter how many combo points you start with when your ramp-up is stupid AND Maim isn't super amazing.

3) A deep-wounds like ability - we don't really NEED more bleed damage, but I certainly wouldn't complain if they gave us something like this.