Okay... I'm not doing this.

I spent the last two weeks trying to write this up in a way that is both speculative and concrete, but I keep going back and forth. Why would I write anything on here as purely speculative when the answers are right around the corner... and there is no point discussing things as if they are concrete.

Here's an example. Ferals have a Kick-like ability confirmed for Cataclysm. While I am neither surprised or upset over this announcement... it doesn't do much in terms of where we will be when we get that kick. It doesn't really put anything into perspective; it's a piece of the puzzle. Will Kick truly be amazing for Ferals? Well, everyone is going to have tons more HP on the PvP scene so interrupting a heal or stopping a CC is going to be useful. On the other hand, haste is already at the point where you can basically guarantee enough of it to land a cast even if you GET kicked...


No, see... these is annoying. I'm not going to go into depth over everything mentioned in the preview because the PvP scene is likely to be something so vastly different from what it is now that I will be wrong in 3 months' time. I'll glance over stuff... just so everyone gets it:

1) Feral (Cat and Bear, presumably a shared CD) are getting a Kick (presumably talented).
2) Barkskin non-dispellable.
3) Thrash - oddly named new ability which will either apply a new bleed in an AoE fashion or apply Lacerate in an AoE fashion (Bear).
4) Stampeding Roar - another new ability... AoE (10y) 40% movement speed buff for 10 seconds.
5) Haste and crit scaling with Rake and Rip innately, sweet.

... There's not a lot to discuss here.

BTW: MMO-champ thinks the Cataclysm Beta will be starting soon... and if it does...

Anyway, I've actually got tons of work to do... >_<