So, Guntir's pally hit 80 (as you know) and we grinded him on 2s to get him 1800 (as you know) to get his MH+Shield (which he did). The next obvious step was when he finally got his Wrathful off-pieces, we would simply throw him to the 3s team and see what stuck.

80 games (all yesterday, btw) with a 61% win-ratio later, he hit 2k on the 3v3 team.

Well, that wasn't so hard. Also, we got our team/personal ratings to 2136 again (after falling BELOW 2k last week... it has been a hard run thus far this season) and are back to feeling strong enough to make a 2.2k run again. It's just as well... I've been gearing out my set as-is; I simply couldn't wait around with 5k arena points sitting at a LITTLE above 2k saying "we were thinking about a weapons run at the start of the season... now I'm worried I won't be able to get my shoulders..." Additionally, I'm trying out the Mangle-spec since Bio's strength is in hard-switching A LOT to keep pressure up on everyone. Sure, we have SOME comps we simply tunnel one target from start to finish... but most of the comps we face, we end up switching a lot (RLS, Double-healer+warrior, Wizcleaves).

Guntir and I are sort of in a precarious situation... we REALLY don't get along with Bio very well, and he is not a very good hunter. He's okay... sure, but we're basically carrying him and banking on the fact that he has gear and can drop trucks on people. He essentially refuses to use Frost Traps against Rogue teams... even though he'll be getting trained 100-0 with the Rogue on him the entire time. He doesn't deterrence at the right times (he thinks it's iceblock half the time... he'll have 1000 hp with full dots and hit deterrence and QQ when he dies anyway). His disengages are reasonably awful... if you're going to use Disengage, make sure of two things: 1) you break LoS with the enemy, and 2) you KEEP LoS with your healear (he almost always gets those two confused...).

So what? We're kind of pissed... but we're going to (hopefully) hit 2200 with him and find a suitable replacement. To be perfectly honest, I am sick of dicking around with sub-par comps. Disc+Feral only has one viable partner... Rogue (maybe two if you're amazing in a Mage), and we've tried everything and ended up offending the Rogue who actually was a good fit on the team (a little hard-headed, but at least he spoke). Really though, when you get down to it... Disc only has two viable comps: double-healer and RMP (I started decking out my Rogue for this exact reason).

However, Feral+HolyPally has a couple of options for viable team members... but the best option by far is an Arms warrior. There's no reason to try and skirt this issue anymore. We're waiting for Seere to get out of his incredibly crazy school schedule. Seere, for those just joining us, is a warrior who hit 2k with us as Feral+Arms+Disc... this is a terrible comp and had the same problems (amplified) that Feral+Marks+Disc had: you can't keep ANYONE off your Priest long enough to score a kill before your Disc dies. HOWEVER, if we can hit 2k as Feral+Arms+Disc... before the Mangle buffs... before we got really comfortable with the comp... before we got a pally... imagine what could be done with the proper Kittycleave setup.

Anyway... that's the hope. Short-term: we'll hit 2200 and stay above it for a while. Long-term: we'll do the short-term, get Seere onto the team, and rocket upwards as kitty-cleave.