The reason that priest+rogue is the number one team in the game right now is crowd-control. Priest rogue gets sap and Fear+Blind don't share diminishing returns. Rogues were always good teammates when matched with another class with a decent form of CC (in season 2, for instance, resto druid+rogue was a good comp because cyclone+blind+sap was an UNSTOPPABLE cc-train of doom, so they added DR to cyclone and blind, fixed that problem a little bit).

Sap - 10 seconds
Blind - 10 seconds
Psychic Scream - 8 seconds

You have to trinket something, then your best bet it 18 seconds of CC. This is why priest+rogue is the best team in the game right now.

Moving on...

I said I might post something, yesterday, and ended up not doing it... I really wanted to test it out first. So, I got myself a nice new meta gem for PvP which gives critical strike rating and 10% reduced fear effect duration. Doing the math, coupled with my 30% reduced fear effect duration, that turns psychic scream into a 5 seconds duration (down from ~6), and Fear into about 6 (down from 7). One second off of CC is amazing, btw. I did a bunch of matches, and only lost to one warlock+healer team, and it was because I got cocky and let my guard down. The other times, teams would Fear me and I would break before they got a cast off and be right back on them like white-on-rice.

Because Warlocks are so reliant on Fear/HoT as their defense mechanics, I can basically sit on them for the entire match without dealing with Fear as much, which means that I'm pressuring their healer to use mana, which means their healer is standing still eating Mana Burns, which means that we're winning the mana war... it's good. Going against priest+rogue, it helps, but not a whole lot... I just need to reduce that PS duration so that I can get back into the match and HOPEFULLY let Guntir live long enough for me to eat an entire blind without getting sapped, then when the rogue uses Prep for his second evasion, I can trinket the next blind that comes across, and at this point, we've won the match... but it requires 1) retarded opponents, 2) luck, and 3) lots more luck.

Hit 1888 last night, but didn't play much. Additionally, we haven't had much time to actually get games in and we aren't going to get any in today, it seems. So, hopefully we can get some more and keep climbing later this week. I need to hit 1922 to get enough points next week to get the Tier1 staff, which is BiS for ferals in 10mans, which I am.