SOOOOOOOO... they took Rake off of Primal Gore, and I think I'm starting to see why. According to SimulationCraft, an application written by someone with even more time to spend on numbers than myself, Feral druids are the mathematical 3rd best dps class pulling nearly 7k dps behind rogues and warlocks which are just closer to 7k. Not only that, but on a cost-damage ratio, Rip is HEAVILY the best ability in the game. Fully talented, geared, and glyphed, Rip will do more than 40,000 damage PER APPLICATION over 26 seconds (given RNG). That's completely insane to me, and the gap is HUGE. The next best ability per cast is Searing Totem, which does ~22,000 damage per cast, but lasts a long time.

Our best ability does almost twice as much as the next best ability per cast... isn't that insane? Now, there is a STEEP curve to using it and making it do so well, but it doesn't take much to show how amazing Rip is:

1) Ignores 100% of armor
2) Lasts 26 seconds in best case (easy to do)
3) Can crit (RNG can make it do some really amazing damage... Loatheb parses will show this off) with Primal Gore
4) Benefits from Savage Roar (30% more damage for the ENTIRE duration)

All I'm hoping is that 3.1 drops in 6 days without anyone noticing how absurd Rip is. However, you heard it hear first... they will NOT nerf Rip... if they feel feral dps is too high, they'll nerf Primal Gore first (probably remove it), and then look at Savage Roar. If Rip, Primal Gore, and Savage Roar make it to live... I may very well be looking at a Mangle spec for PvP... just to make CP generation that much easier (to get up SR AND RIP AND Maim).