I'm filled with such rage. I cannot really explain it in words, but I am still fuming this morning about our Freya failures last night, our arena failures (or rather, the "amazing" rogues we played) from yesterday, and my general outlook on the game.


But it's okay, I'm listening to Stand By Me by like 50 artists world-wide, and it is soothing my rage.

I hate rogues, but we just gotta persevere and keep climbing. We faced this particular rogue+priest team (double engineering, of course) three times yesterday, and we were winning the fights every time. They were cocky and terrible and 2400-rated. Their rogue stayed on me (bearform) the entire fight, their priest sat there eating Mana Burns the entire fight, we got the priest OOM, the rogue to 50%, and we still lost. We had Shadow Friend a full minute and a half after them, they didn't knock off Innervate, etc... and we still lost. Why? CC.

Their priest is OOM, I'm still taking INSANE damage from the rogue while in bear form (thanks double-wound-poisons...), so Guntir STILL is spending all his mana keeping me up, and when we finally turn to lower the bomb on the rogue, the priest has regenerated enough mana to Fearbomb my priest, and I die in bearform from 100-0 in 8 seconds with Barkskin up.

A rogue took 8 seconds to kill a TANK with his mitigation abilities up. It's just not fair. I don't care what rogues say, they are overpowered.

Take the damage off of Wound Poison.
Make Blind and Fear share diminishing returns.
Make Evasion share an internal cooldown with Cloak of Shadows.
Switch Preparation and Premeditation in the Subtlety tree.

ANY of these would make rogues less obviously dominant in arena, while not hurting them in PvE at all.

Okay, I went and had my Del Taco deliciousness that is the Classic Chicken Burrito. Not too much food for a very cheap price, and you leave satisfied and not-stuffed to the gills... it's a good thing.

Anyway, my rage has completely subsided, and I found the silver lining to all this: there is a comp that beats priest+rogue sometimes, and priest+feral actually counter-comps it pretty hard. Interestingly, resto-druid+warrior is making an upswing and decided that they are the counter-comp to rogue+priest, randomly. As it turns out, they do fairly well against them since Zerker Rage (or w/e) breaks half the team's CC options.

This is good news for us because as soon as resto-druid+warrior becomes the flavor of the month, our team will shoot up in the ratings, since we counter-comp it so hard. We went against two druid+warrior teams yesterday and completely curb-stomped both of them. Having played Resto+warrior ourselves (Guntir has a warrior alt and I was resto at level 70... made sense at the time), we know the pitfalls of that comp:

1) Resto druids now have fairly good physical damage reduction, but about half my damage comes from bleeds.
2) Arms warriors are EXTREMELY susceptible to CC, including Psychic Scream once you use it more than once (since PS is a 27 sec cd and Zerker Rage is a 30 sec cd... you can get the warrior completely out of sync), Entangling Roots (I abuse this against them), and Cyclone (I abuse this against them when I'm not abusing Roots against them).
3) Neither of them can dispel to keep pressure up (okay, warriors can shield slam to dispel stuff, but their damage is laughable once they're doing this, so it's not a concern) so we get full benefit from Innervate, MotW, Thorns, Reflective Shield, etc.
4) The druid brings all the CC to the match, and with a feral on him, he cannot cast anything without leaving ToL form and taking huge damage, usually coupled with Maim/Bash to interrupt and destroy while his armor is low.

SOOOOO, hopefullyin a week or two we will see the priest+rogue population drop significantly (talking ~20% here) and the druid+warrior pop rise a lot... here's hoping!