Yes, if you were following the release of 3.1, you will have noticed that my previous statement said something akin to "everything's going swell, 3.1 rocks" at 10AM, followed shortly thereafter by a long amount of nothing.

Let me be clear, there was HILARIOUSNESS going on in the forums. It was a typical patch day in that at 11AM, they said they needed another hour, and at noon, they said things would be up at 1PM. At one, however, they had given up all hope of things being resolved in yet another hour and said that they would "post back with updates around 2PM".

This continued until 7PM... which was fine with me because for the most part, I don't play WoW until after 7PM anyway. The best part, however, was getting online without a hitch, buying dual specs without a hitch, spec'ing them both without a hitch, and getting our raid together for Ulduar. We got into the instance and started talking about the first event when the instance server locked up.

Long-story-short, I haven't gotten to test out my dps, yet, and we basically wasted 3-4 good hours of time that SHOULD have either been devoted to raiding that worked, or shooting zombies in the face (L4D is an awesome game btw).

TODAY, on the other hand, all the bugs that did not get shaken out during the ptr are starting to bite people. GhostCrawler is showing an indomitable spirit by laughing at these QQrs and assuring us that everything will be fixed in due time, presumably before next Tuesday when the arenas open up again. That being said, I believe they have worked out the kinks with the instance servers as guilds are starting to post parses and what-not... so hopefully we can get into Ulduar and make some progress tonight.

As a last little aside, my favorite bug reported thus far is this:

Maim lasts 5 seconds at 5 combo points, but does not break on damage, cannot be trinketed out of, cannot be BUBBLED out of, seems unaffected by Icebound Fortitude, is unaffected by talents that reduce the duration of stuns, and has an interesting Diminishing Returns policy in that it goes 5, 3, 5, immune.