There have obviously been some minor (or major, depending on your point of view) bugs that made it through the testing cycle of development into the live game. Of course, most of the issues in question affect everyone, or just PvP ferals in particular. Here are a couple of fixes that went out with rolling restarts yesterday to all realms:

# Lifebloom can no longer be forced to bloom early.
# Primal Tenacity should now always reduce damage taken while stunned in cat form by 30%, reduce the duration of fear effects by 30% in all forms, and reduce the cost of shapeshifting into cat/bear forms by 50%.
# Rank 2 of Maim should now correctly provide an interrupt effect.

Of course, we all expected Lifebloom to be bugged (right clicking the icon would cause the "bloom" effect), but I didn't personally expect them to sort out the Primal Tenacity bug or the Maim bug so quickly. Alright, that's not entirely true, the Maim bug was one that ended up being a result of changing Maim from an incapacitate to a stun and we saw the same thing in LK-beta when it was changed from a true incapacitate to a fear-like-immobilizing-effect (it didn't necessarily break on damage, but would break after a percentage of health was lost... like Fear... it's bonkers, I know).

Primal Tenacity... that was a whole other can of worms. I spent about 2 hours trying to figure out just exactly what caused the PT to stop working and could never figure it out, as rezoning seemed to fix it SOMETIMES. Well, long story short, apparently it was if you were stunned while NOT in cat form, you would "lose" the Primal Tenacity "buff". This all sounds onerous to me, but I suppose that a fix is a fix, so I'll stop complaining.