Here you go... this was linked in the WoW boards this morning and I haven't stopped LawLing since:

This is a video on the Tournament Realm of a DK+Warrior+Protribution team. They are a high rated TSG on live, but I'm guessing that they're going to consider switching to this full-time. This video (aside from making me laugh so loud my boss walks over) shows just how asinine damage-dealing has gotten in Wrath. Hopefully, Cataclysm's health point increase will fix this... but dear lord is this a funny video.

As a side-note, the fella over at suggest that the beta is definitely maybe probably hopefully starting this week... well maybe not this week. He's basically sure that it's starting "soon" and my source at Blizz confirms that:

"This isn't like Soon™, this is SOON soon."


I went back and forth trying to get the "™" working... so I reread that quote like 10 times... "soon" is no longer a word to me... it's a noise.