The game is CONTINUALLY dipping more and more into the realm of silliness...

Enjoy this triple-combat-rogue video on the TR. They have 100% ArP and they absolutely GHOST people.

I know that this comp won't get to 2400 (probably won't even push 2200), but it still speaks volumes about PvP. After I get back from lunch I'll post what I propose to do...


Okay, so I've brought this up before, but it seems more apt now than ever: implement a Resilience Differential System. You essentially compare the Resilience rating between you and your target, and increase your damage done if you have more resilience than them, or decrease their damage done to you if you have more.

Classic example from that video:

A combat rogue with 200 resilience attacks a Resto Shammy with 1200 resilience. On top of the normal resilience modifiers, the Combat Rogue's damage should be lowered a HUGE amount because of the HUGE difference in resilience... 30% damage reduction, for instance.

A Ret Pally with 1300 resilience (which is a little less than I have currently on my druid) ends up hitting that Combat Rogue with HoJ and going to town. The Rogue will get his 200 resilience worth of damage reduction, but the Ret Pally will get a HUGE damage increase while attacking the Rogue because of the HUGE difference in resilience... something like 30% MORE damage, for instance.

In this way, you make Resilience the best PvP stat and you don't really change the game at the very top-tier because mostly all top-tier teams use PvP gear primarily.

I'm using the post in the wow forums which initially brought this video to the light of day as a soap box to try and gain support for the Resilience Differential System... so we'll see...