Yesterday, I made mention of a certain quote by a high-up Feral named Zybak. Here is the quote I was referring to:

So I had an idea, since there really is no feral content out there and our population is small I was thinking that we all sort of work together on a little montage of the best moments in feral pvp whether it be the insane 6v1 in BGs, World PvP, or just a good arena match/play. I wouldn't mind putting it together if people were interested.

I figured people could just send me there best clips via skype to pr0wess and I would just make a highlight reel of sorts.

anyway this is a shot in the dark but I think it could be something really cool if you guys were interested. Let me know what you think.

So, naturally I set up my recording software again and started getting ready to record these epic (long) Warlock+Druid matches I am inevitably going to have this week. I started thinking that it would be really neat to actually see this video to fruition, and I started thinking about classic Druid videos of the past... and how I really wanted to make a WoW video (still do... I'm just lazy at home... and I'm going to try updating to the 10.6.4 build or w/e the newest Mac OS X build is where Steam+Mac made the video drivers much less suck). A video came to mind from a long long time ago...

I watched this video OVER AND OVER AGAIN when The Burning Crusade was first in Beta. I have no idea who this Druid was, but I loved this video and it made me fall in love with TBC even before it was finished being made. That being said... I want to make a video like this with Cataclysm as soon as all the damage-dealing abilities for Ferals are opened up (and perhaps when level 85 is opened as well). It shows off some grinding content (areas to look forward to), some simple dueling, some exploration, some dungeon-crawling, etc. It was an amazing video and it probably started my love-affair with WoW Videos. I will try and keep the topic up-to-date as best I can, but it definitely is something I want to do before Cataclysm goes live.

Happy Friday ever'one; happy Feral'ing!