So, in my last post, a Resto Druid we faced last night in 2s (Warlock+Druid that went to the 42 minute mark before we landed a kill) left a nice comment. I replied with a "good match" and was overcome by wanting to know how this random Druid, who I assume is not a regular on my blog though he very well might be, found my blog. Out of sheer morbid curiosity, I decided to google myself.

Google: Reygahnci

Let's see what we have here... "Did you mean 'regency'?" No, I meant Reygahnci, Google... thanks. Ah, my Livesteam account which I haven't used in a while... an SK-gaming profile from S7, sweet and out-of-date. A thread I started asking about Owlplay on AJ, that's weird. Wait... what's this... an official WoW-Forums thread discussing my permaban?!

AWESOME. I wanted to just say thanks for supporting my blog (and me in general)! The support is completely appreciated.