I don't really know what happened... I think Blogger failed to save some of the images I was using on my page, either that or the images were copyrighted even though they are free to grab and use according to the designer's website... either way, I am hosting the images myself off site from Blogger now and if they want them taken down, they will have to send me a take-down notice as opposed to Blogger.

ANYWACE, do you remember me talking about that Warlock+Druid we faced in the arena the other day? The one that went to 42 minutes and ALMOST ended in a tie when we got an amazing Innervate dispel and landed a kill once the Druid was OOM? So, we went 8-2 last week and shot up to 2241 in 2v2s, so I figured I would look over the WoWArmory to see how high we are. For one thing, Laughing Skull is a dead PvP server, apparently, as there are only ~20 teams higher than us in 2v2s, and ~17 of those teams are Alliance side. The second thing I was tried was using WoWHead's Armory scourer to see if there were any teams with Feral Druids rated higher than me on Vindication.

There are none.

I have to admit, there is a Feral (named Cheeriozlol) who is rather close to us in 2s (2220ish), but I sort of find myself surprised that I am the highest rated Feral in 2s on our Battlegroup. We are very-much looking forward to transferring to Mug'Thol for Cataclysm. I am quick to yell in Skype (which I will have to record some time... but I'm having a LOT of trouble getting SoundFlower to work properly) about getting Cycloned/Feared while on the complete other side of a pillar from the person casting it, Guntir complains about getting Kicked after the spell has fired, and we are simply ready to PvP on server where things register properly (or at least, a little better).

Also, you may have noticed that I moved the BanHammer portlet down on the page; I felt it was too much of a concern and it detracted from the point of this blog: getting the word out about Feral and Feral play-styles. I moved up my Armory feed (which is directly loaded from my armory, if you ever wanted to hit it and look at my specs, glyphs, gear, etc) a bit higher on the page, and of course that moved up the Followers portlet and while I do not require anyone become a follower or register to leave comments or email me or anything like that, it's always nice to see familiar names. Additionally, I took off some JavaScript which was slowing the page-loads down quite a bit (usually it was only called at the end of the page, but sometimes rare circumstances would make it fire first causing the rendering of the page to hang up until the JS finished).

I have been trying to write this post all day, but because work has been hectic (lots of Production releases of this website I have been designing... technically, I have been building the Java backend which controls the website for the designer, but w/e) I have not gotten around to it until now. Tomorrow promises to be less work overall, so if I can, I would like to get a post up concerning Feral videos and something I read by Zybak on Arena Junkies the other day.

Happy Feral'ing until then!