Notice how my post-titles don't have that black/green background anymore? Why!? Also, the comments are in the wrong spot... I dunno... fucking with this I guess... UHHHHHH, nothing really happening on Live, nothing really happening on Beta. There's a bunch of broken going on on Cataclysm right now, this is somewhat infuriating, but whatever... who cares, it'll get fixed eventually.

... sigh ...

Yeah, there is straight up NOTHING going on on Live. Half the arena community on our BG has simply stopped playing; I half-attribute this to the fact that Starcraft 2 was released recently, and I have-attribuet this to the fact that this is the longest arena season ever in the history of PvP. Honestly, if you have looked at my armory at all, you will notice that I have two separate full PvP sets now, and I'm working on a third. I have the full Feral set, obviously, and the full Balance set... I'm only now working on a Resto set because I keep getting arena points and I have nothing else to spend them on.

Seriously, it's the most annoying thing about this game. We aren't going to get Gladiator titles (well... we're unlikely to, anyway. The lag on our BG has gotten ridiculous!), so we have been jumping teams over and over again; we are playing a spell-cleave 3s team with an alt of a 2400 Hunter. At first, it was Owlplay (Shadow+Boomer+RShammy), but we are going to try out PingPongCleave (Boomer+Ele+Disc) instead just because Guntir is better at healing and actually enjoys it more... which I find hard to believe, but whatever. Also, PPC actually has more burst since Ele+Boomer can set up for crazy nuke-sprees and if Disc isn't super-pressured, it can turn on a dime and drop Holy Fire, Smite, SW:D, etc.

Guntir finally got bored enough to run daily heroics with me (and do an ICC25 or two for Rep, Gear, and Badges... I won a 277 neck and a 277 ring as Boomer on Heroic Lootship and ended up giving Guntir the neck because it didn't have any haste... and it actually worked really well for him!) and so he got enough badges to pick up a Purified Lunar Dust. We ran some 2s skirms last night with tons of lag as Boomer+Disc and he basically never uses mana. He was eating Mana Burns against this one Mage+Priest team and it basically boiled down to me killing the mage at the end and Guntir still had 12k mana while the opposing priest was nearly OOM after Fiend and Hymn. This leads me to believe that during match-ups against teams that AREN'T double-dps (which are 50% of our matches, it seems), we should have a better mana-advantage. Teams like War+RDruid where mana-longevity really comes into play since we need to out-mana the Druid to win will be where this trinket really shines. Anyway, we're looking forward to running some 2s to see what it's like.

Other than that... I've just been farming money assuming that Cataclysm will have some amazing mandatory gold-sink. How have I been doing this? I mentioned there's nothing to do now, right? We have been running BGs for funsies all the time and basically I just take every 10k honor I make, buy an epic un-cut Yellow gem, and sell it on the AH for around 100g. I have been doing this multiple times per day for the last couple weeks... I'm up to something silly like "4k gold earned in 2 weeks work!"

Bah... I'm hoping something INTERESTING happens on Beta... as of now, Feral doesn't scale, doesn't have defensive cooldowns, has tons of mobility, but is otherwise boring to play. We shall see...