In the twos bracket, there are a variety of compositions that a team can become and excel with.

First, and foremost, there is the double dps team, which relies on the steady downpour of damage raining upon one opponent until he finally succumbs to agonizing death. A prime example of such a team is my warlock+priest team, when we face opponents who attack my priest, we win... every time... without fail. There is no question there... it just happens. When they focus on me, the match is harder because my priest does not have the direct damage output I do by keeping dots up and spamming shadowbolts. Interestingly, the aspect of this team that makes it so deadly is the utility coupled with the damage. This team has the fear ability which can (usually) lock one partner out of a fight for a good duration while the damage train runs over the other.

Second, there is the healer+dps teams. Again, one of those two has to be the utility player, and it usually works out to be that the better the team is, the more one-sided the utility is. For instance, druid+warrior was a cookie-cutter build until patch 2.4. The reason was because the warrior would deal the damage (a massive amount of damage as time goes to infinite) while the druid would keep everything healed WHILE applying ample amounts of crowd control. The biggest draw of that team was the fact that the healing continued even while the druid was cc'd or casting ccs, or running away from danger, etc. This is not to say that other makeups do worse, quite the opposite really. Shamang+warrior is doing well now after the patch because the shamang brings a lot of utility to the scene in place of the druid's ability to run, heal, and cc. Also, priest+rogue is a popular combo with the addition of pain suppression coupled with the fact that rogues can blind-sap into a fearbomb which is usually enough to down one opponent (great synergy).

That's it, really. There are some odd combos that have gotten to high rankings (such as enhancement+boomkin, or elemental+mmhunter), but they are less cookie cutter because, for one reason or another, other cookie cutter teams are more prevalent and happen to be the proverbial rock to their scissors. However, the comp. that will not work... ever... is warrior+feral druid. Why? Well, sure, we both bring good damage to the table, and sure we both have some utiltiy to offer one another... but we are not dps specs.

... let me allow that to sink in ...


wait... feral druid == dps spec, but only in pve... in pvp, not so much. In pvp, feral druids are there to bring damage AND utility. Feral druids bring decent burst damage, a slew of interrupts, cyclone, feral charge (as a root), and Leader of the Pack. The damage is NOT comparable to a rogue's damage output, but the utility is amazing. Warriors are similar, they bring good utility in hamstring, piercing howl, shouts, intercept, whirlwind, and execute. Both of these classes have nigh-infinite utility and damage; they are bottomless pits of rape.... but only when someone is topping off their fuel tanks. They are infinite to the point of mana for the druid, sure, but more over, health bars. They do not last long by themselves, but if you add a healer to the mix, they become a force to be reckoned with.

Which leads me to my next point. I am probably going to try and stop playing 2s with my druid because it is just abysmal (I may pick it up again when my brother's pally hits 70 and will be in need of some arena love). So, I am going to look for 1-2 healers to try and get either a 3s team going (feral+warrior+pally/druid is amazing, i hear), or get a 5s team going (feral+warrior+enhancement+pally/druid+disc/druid). This is going to take some time and some patience... but I think it can happen.