K... I cannot make feral+warrior work. There are simply too many team makeups that roflstomp this composition. Essentially, the only team we can beat is healer+warrior, and we have YET to face one in six attempts... sure I could give it more time... but why. I am just going to respec resto for our wednesday arena matches (respec'ing for 3 matches... lawl) then spec back to feral so I can do the dailies on sunwell isle (SO MUCH GOLD). Thank the devs for the dailies over there; they are all bundled up in a nice little 80g package. So, I can cover my respec costs in ~1.25 days of dailies. Awesome. Oh... and yeah, I'm still going to be buying feral gear with my arena rewards. Once my brother graduates we'll try and get a 3s or 5s team together with feral+warrior+healer as the basis for the makeup.

Let's talk about my warlock for a moment. WAY back in the day, when I needed the resilience badly I rolled 3x dreadweave and 2x felweave for the 2x 35 resilience bonus. Today, I have 4x dreadweave and 1x felweave. I will have the arena point to replace my hat with the s3 dreadweave this tuesday... but I don't think I'm going to do it. Why? I was watching Drakedog7 the other day and decided that since both my toons are rolling in gold because of the dailies, I would spec destro for fun and mess around with it. Oh my golly... destro is fun. Wait, let me qualify that: Destro is WAY more fun than any other spec. Yes, the other specs are better for arena play... but holy moly... destro is amazing in battlegrounds. I can do something other than "dot dot dot pet sbolt dot dot pet dot sbolt etc". I actually have combos to play off of... I can take warriors/rogues 1v1 (which is hilarious because I have less survivability as destro) and I drop bombs on unsuspecting people. Anyway... I WAS saving up honor for the Battlemaster's Audacity, but I still need something like 28 alterac valley marks... so nuts to that. Instead, I'm going to spend my honor on the vindicator's gear (I have veteran's dreadgear... but I have enough for the vindicator's wrists and belt/boots) in the destro fashion. Apparently, you are a good destro lock when you have ~20% paperdoll and I have 11% at the moment and I feel THAT plays amazingly.

So anyway... at least my lock is fun again. Feral is fun, but honestly, I cannot arena with him... and that's a real problem for me. So, I'll post back some big crit images or w/e.