So, supposedly I have added the power to link wowhead stuff with tooltips. While this is neat, it doesn't really provide any REAL utility or point, it's just fun.

Let us link the staff I want, for instance. Notice that it isn't this staff. This is because while the Staff of the Forest Lord has ~250 more attack power and also a handy amount of armor ignore. Coupled with Faerie Fire, a feral druid would be sporting 1000 armor ignore without any on his armor (and it just so happens that my armor has about 200 more, and 1200 armor ignore is nothing to laugh at).

I'm thinking about playing some restokin for fun with a hunter friend of mine. I'm really not hurting for arena points anymore and I want to try some weird specs and combos.

... what ... OKAY... FINE... I saw Deep 6 and noticed he was playing restokin+hunter to great results. Still, it might be fun.