I know I know.... no fear resist or natural shapeshifter...

SURE, it's not the best bg setup, and it's definitely not the best outlast setup... but it get you "awesome cyclone" and let you keep your damage output. So, I'm looking at this spec saying "hmm, this COULD actually be the best feral spec for a 5s team."

Here's how I see the 5s team working: the opposition will initially cc our healer and warrior as best they can, and will run the full dps train on our shamang. If our shamang lives through the burst in the beginning and our healers can keep him up, then they will probably focus on me rather than CC me. That being said, I'm there to deal damage and drop some cyclones/roots, as I am the only druid on the team. If they focus fire onto me (and are melee damage dealers) I will switch to bear form and outlast their damage (if only I did not disenchant my tanking staff, I would have something to switch to to boost my armor considerably... oh well). If they focus fire me and are primarily casters, I can feral charge, bash, warstomp, etc, to get out one off me while I soak up the heals in cat form. Also, it is easier to get cyclone off on a caster than it is on a melee when they are attacking you, regardless of Control of Nature.

No, I only really want control of nature for those moments when I'm getting beat on and I NEED to get a cyclone on someone, be it because they are low and you want to burn some healer mana, a healer himself, or just want to root a rogue who has burned his cooldowns over in the corner away from the fray.