I took down the feral stuff. NO, I didn't get the merciless maul. I went ahead and bought the S3 kodohide legs and threw some golden spellthread on them. Yeah, I'm giving up on going feral for a while... it's just kinda dumb how Blizz doesn't really want to address feral at all. If Blizzard would come out and say "everybody has 3 specs, 1 is for pve, 1 is for pvp, and 1 is for grinding" I would be fine because feral+balance are pve/grinding trees, and resto is pvp. That would make sense, but blizzard simply cannot take a stance on it.

SIGH. Ferals can do well in arena, they just need the right makeup... and we don't have it. I should stop fighting against the grain and get in line to try and do well. That being said, I'm still resto, but I will probably give restokin a try here in a bit. I would be sporting ~1650 healing, 185 mp5 while casting, and 400 resilience, so it would probably work. Anyway, I'm in 3/5 s3 kodohide now (grr, kinda wish I didn't buy the feral gear, I'd have 4/5 and be complaining about the shoulders right now), and it'll be another couple weeks before I get the s3 helm (upgraded from s1... yeah... I'm cheap). Oh well, slowly moving out of my welfare epics. Lawl. I'll try and post something if I spec restokin.

OH. Right... so, the new hardware. It's pretty awesome. WoW runs MUCH more smoothly now, and I can actually do movie capture without too much lag now. So, I'm going to try and get some arena footage and we'll see how that works.