I just watched an amazing video that summarized what pvp used to be, and what it is now in WoW. It's only 5 minutes long, but it really does capture how pvp used to be (read: amazing). I do not feel that the blizzard developers knew exactly what they were doing pvp-wise when they made black rock mountain, but it is pretty undeniable that it was the site of some of the greatest blood baths to ever take place in Azeroth. PvE guilds and PvP guilds alike would amass in this dark pit with the simple thought of getting their raid going and getting those sweet epics that made them salivate furiously.

Just like there was on the sunwell isle, a tense cease-fire existed between the factions. The general thought of "we're only trying to get to MC... we don't want any trouble" was on the smokey air and for a while, peace existed. The alliance kept a distance from the horde, and each let the other go about their business without so much as a death. We will never know who struck first blood, the alliance or the horde, but we do know how it happened on every server: one person was late to the raid, and the other side pounced on him like killer bees. Something was said over ventrillo -- "the just jumped me outside... I need help." Forever more, Blackrock Mountain was a crucible of open world pvp. There were no discussions of class imbalance, there were no arguments over welfare epics, there was only anarchy.

These were the healthy, young, days of pvp. The days before battlegrounds, the days before arenas, the days before people complained about the gimmicks of other classes that existed simply as the counters, or aggravations, of their class' abilities. These were simply better PvP times. Now, PvP is driven around arenas, then battlegrounds, then world PvP, and there are only incentives in place for excelling in arena, and too a lesser extent battlegrounds. Yet, now that I have my arena gear... what do I do?

I feel that it may be time to try and rekindle the old flame of world pvp. It might be time to try and break this stand-still that exists on the sunwell island. I accidentally attacked a rogue while doing a daily quest yesterday, and I backed off, and he seemed to understand that I meant him no harm because he continued grinding. This is going to end: I am going to be killing alliance tonight.