NO, I did NOT spec feral yesterday... and, yes, I realize that makes me a liar. I was excited all day until I got home. I realized a few things: first, I would be a horrible feral if I did not have the 4-set feral bonus, simply because ferals need the speed (and my blues have zero resilience on them); second, I could only have the 4-set bonus OR the weapon yesterday, not both; and third, I still had quite a ways to go for getting the clock, neck, boots, and idol.

Luckily, my father's practices seem to have passed to me somewhat and I held off specing feral immediately when I got home because I really wanted to see if they had fixed the important bugs plaguing feral (no, not the range bug, I never expect that to be fixed): Nurturing Instincts had to work right and the season 3 glove bonus had to work right for me to even consider specing feral again. Both those seem to be the case, so now I am saving up points again. I bought the s3 legs and s3 chest for feral, which puts me at 4/5 feral (s3, s3, s2, s1) and the engineering helm. I did the repeatable mark turn-in to grab some much-needed honor and picked up the boots, so that puts me up to only needing the neck, back, and weapon (and the s3 gloves... but that will happen eventually). Nice, now the feral gear is starting to take shape. I only need 22,848 more honor, and 3261 arena points before I can spec feral again.

Here's the kicker, though: last night I get invited to do Karazhan with my girlfriend's brother's group, so we clear through Illhoof (who did not drop the hentai-staff sadly) and I ended up with 18 badges once the smoke cleared. If I can knock out arena quickly today, I might be able to finish up that Karazhan run and get my feral idol, which would be very good for me as it would mean I would not have to stay resto unless I wanted to. See, this is the whole thing. The only reason I stayed resto yesterday is because I knew I would probably not get a Karazhan spot if I were feral... that's just the way the cookie crumbles. So, I figure that I will finish this Karazhan run, get my 20 badges, buy my idol, and probably spec back over to feral... even with the blue weapon, neck, and back. Then, I will simply grind my way up to the gear I need. The honor stuff will be easier because honor grinding as feral is actually fun (as compared to resto, which is annoying at worst and boring at best), however the arena gear will be a little rough... but I am prepared for that...