Okay, I worry about this makeup quite a bit, actually. Here is what I foresee concerning opposition makeup:

  • Shamang+warrior (getting lots of love since 2.4 was released). Mostly, the pull of this team is that a good restoration shamang should be able to withstand any healer+dps team for a long time. It really is the old restoDruid+warrior team of yore, except that the shamang can wear plate+shield, has earthbind totem, and water shield. Also, a warrior with windfury truly is the king of dps, and is one of the scariest things to see. The plan of attack will be to gib the shamang. This is going to be hard, but hopefully hamstring will keep the shamang in my range. I haven't played this team yet, but the counter I see is earthbind totem / hamstring. While I, as feral with the 4-piece bonus, still outrun the shamang in ghost wolf (assuming earthbind/hammy is on me and hammy is on the shamang), my warrior will struggle to keep up. However, I think that I can probably kill a shamang solo if he has mortal strike applied at crucial times. I foresee intercept becoming used more as a get-away from the other warrior (or an interrupt on the shamang) and a simple stun to get MS applied again. If the warrior is on me, we might have some trouble, but we need to kill the shamang, then I'll worry about healing through the warrior.
  • Druid+Warrior (still rather favorable, though not the best anymore). Likely, the warrior will open on my warrior, so we're going to start off by trying to gank the warrior... which will fail. Then, when the druid shows to heal, my warrior will intercept to him, I will root their warrior, and resume the chase on the druid. Since I am faster than resto druids' cheetah form while in my dps form, I should have no problem keeping the pressure on him, while, at the same time, eating Nature's Grasp procs for my warrior, who will essentially bring MS to the mix and keep hamstring on the other warrior. This team should be less of a problem with our combined damage output and mortal strike. Not to mention that there are now twice the interrupts for cyclone-casts, and feral charge will be completely useless sinse we will both be on the druid.
  • Rogue+Healer. This will be tough, but basically the idea is to try and gib the rogue. Evasion will only take the rogue so far, and rogues are susceptible to damage... which we excel at dealing in large amounts. Paladin will be the toughest team mate for this, with shamang coming in next. Since cheat death is less effective in this patch, gibbing rogues is probably the best bet since they are squishy and let my warrior mash overpower with his base 40% crit.
  • Rogue+Dps. This team will be harder... their CC will likely own ours in the face... probably the same strat as before, except against spriests (which will be the main target)... we will try and gib the rogue and hope to resist some fears and save trinket for blind. Our team will probably excel against mage+rogue, simply because feral druids eat mages alive better than almost any other class. So, my warrior will charge in, get rooted, then the mage will blink away and start casting polymorph... at which point I will pounce him and start the rape-fest. By the time pounce wears off, I will likely be under attack from the rogue and my warrior will have intercepted the rogue. I will continue the pressure on the mage so he cannot polymorph my warrior (if he DOES get one, he'll have to trinket and hope to not get blinded... if blind goes to me, it's the only trinket I need to use because I can shapeshift out of poly). When the mage iceblocks, I will pop out to drop some heals around and hopefully my warrior will be close to killing the rogue by this point. The mage will drop iceblock early (if he's smart) to counterspell me, at which point I will have to take my chances and kill the mage and hope my warrior kills the rogue. If it comes down to me at 50% and the rogue at 50%... I'm not completely sure I can take him... so I'll have to get some duels in before wednesday.
  • Lock+Paladin. Against druid, this will be the same strategy as warrior+druid, hopefully we gib the druid before we're too low on life, then I pop out to drop lifebloom x3 with me 1100 healing and that will (hopefully) keep us alive long enough to down the lock. Against paladin/shamang we will intentionally gib the pet twice and try to burn the lock down before dots kill us. Against priest, we will likely focus fire on the priest because ms + double dps usually outruns priest healing rather effectively.
Well, these are the matchups I expect to see in our lowly 1600 bracket. We may see more "coming of age" comps like restokin+rogue, or restokin+lock, but we don't play outlast against anything anyway... so those makeups shouldn't factor in too much (we don't care if the druid has infinite mana... his life shouldn't be endless against our damage and mortal strike).