He mocks me... I often find myself listening to DeepFeral4/5 at work here, for one reason or another, and sometimes I chance a peak while the boss is preoccupied. Deep was (because he's resto now apparently) one of the best ferals out there. I see him in bgs doing insane damage and outlasting in arenas, etc. I think that he does have an advantage in that he has the 2-set bonus from Nordrasil which gives him an instant-cast regrowth when leaving a feral form... and I'm not going to be able to get that bonus, not being in a T5 guild.

Oh... he mocks me... with his "lawl: shred crits" moments in which he goes completely gun-ho in a battleground and 3-shots a paladin with ravage, shred, ferocious bite (3.5k, 4.0k, 4.0k). Yeah, that would never happen in the arena... but it's still amazing when it happens in the battlegrounds. Those numbers would look a lot more humble against someone will resilience (1.6k, 1.7k, 1.5k) but being able to drop that kind of damage burstily (not a word) would be handy in 3s or 5s.

Let's talk about that... I want to find a healer for 3s. More specifically I want to find a healer to do warrior+feral+healer in 3s. With the mana-drain nerfs next patch, a druid wouldn't be a bad healer for that team and he wouldn't have to worry about mana drains as much. While I was healing I tried enhancement+warrior+restodruid and we did alright. The only difference is that the shamang becomes the main target against good teams and he can't stay on anything to dps it. Also, I've found that you can reduce a team to 1v2 if the main target is mobile.

That is, if I (the feral) am the main target, as I suspect I would be, I can turn on the jets and run while my warrior continues the beat-down on our target essentially taking 2 dpsers with me while my healer heals me. Then it becomes a game of cc'ing the other two way on the other side of the map, getting back to burst down our target, and finishing off the rest of the team after that... which is why a druid healer would be best. If the dpsers go after our healer, he can run and cc while we double-burst down our target, then assist him. If the dpsers go after me, my druid can heal me through the damage and cc on the other side of the map.

... Just need to find a healer willing to give it a go ...

5s would be fun too... but I'm still looking for the perfect pally+priest combo to sync up with our warrior+feral+enhancement. Oh well, we've got time to search until 2.4 drops.