Oh boy... I went stupid last night and respec'd feral. Here are all the things I remembered and still love:

1) Cat form moving at 145% speed while pwning fools
2) Cocky healers dying to me because they refuse to heal anyone but their warrior
3) Mages 1v1
4) Shred crits that do 1/5 a health bar
5) Shred crits that do 1/4 a health bar
6) Shred crits on greens that do 1/2 a health bar
7) Ravaging a sitting clothie within the first tick of drinking

Things about feral I didn't know until this time around with better gear:

1) Ravaging a sitting druid who capped the wsg flag 20 minutes ago and now is taking 100% damage while I have zerking (I got a 9k crit... it was pretty stupid hilarious).
2) Weapon swap for full heals while pvp'ing

Things about feral I remember and still hate:

1) Parried shred
2) Dodged shred
3) Out of range
4) Out of range
5) Out of range
6) You must be behind your target
7) Out of range
8) Parried shred
9) Nerfed bear form mangle and maul :*-(

In regard to #9, I still drain some of my booze on the floor before each new drink out of respect for the old bear pwnage that, alas, will likely never be again.

Okay, what am I going to do today... prolly try a farming run of DM east... we'll see. I used to do it in blues... purps should make it rather easier. This is because I need LBS, GEE, and some Essences of Air (I think) for the old +25 agi enchant to weapon... which is amazing to me to still be only 10 agi less viable than the newest agi weapon enchant. Oh well, I am gunna try. Also, need some more honor, sadly, I ran out of WSG tokens first after turn-ins, so I will likely be grinding that this weekend for the mark-honor stuff. I almost have enough for the back, leaving the 15k for the neck. Then it will all be down to arena gears... which I need the weapon first (sigh, ~3200), then the s3 gloves for the bonus (sigh, another ~1100), then the helm (goodbye awesome engineering helm... you've been good to me).

So... with the rate at which my team is sucking, it will be ~8 weeks before I have all that gear... unless I get to playing some 5s... which I may be coerced into doing. It doesn't even have to be a good 5s team... just enough to knock a week off or something. Plus, 5s is way more entertaining (and much less head-splitting) than 2s.