It's gunna suck, I know. Oh well, I like feral more than healing. Healing is boring. Healing is 1-dimensional. FERAL is multidimensional bliss.

Okay, so far it's either spriest+feral (which we tried before when horribly undergeared... but it might be decent now that we have gear) or warrior+feral. Warrior+feral has hamstring... and warrior also gets the +5% crit bonus, so that's helpful. However, spriest has good damage soak and doesn't require standing on top of someone to do damage. Of course, spriest is beaten by dpriest because of dispel whereas dpriest gets eaten alive by warrior+feral. We'll probably try both, but I'm guess warrior+feral will be the better makeup, even though feral+spriest would be reasonably good damage... feral just doesn't bring enough "stand there and die" that rogue brings to spriest. Warrior+feral = decent damage output + ms + hammy. Usually, whatever we're fighting will be running initially, and hammy keeps them in range of shred... so that would probably be the best team... otherwise shred is hard as hell to get off.

Okay... well... that's settles 2s... but I want to try our luck at 5s. I like the idea of warrior+enhancement+feral because each bring good dps AND group utility (unleash rage or whatever the 35-point talent is for shamang, iLotP from feral, battle shout from warrior), but it will be hard to talk two healers into that setup... pally+dpriest would be the best option prolly... but those are scarce to find (with gear and skill... and willing to team with enhancement AND feral lawl). Who knows... it might be hilarious... it might work... though I doubt it... at least we'll laugh when we win!