If it takes a lifetime... I WILL WAIT FOR YOU!!!
Yeah... still waiting on those feral buffs on the ptr...

I realize that I'm probably waiting for a train that does not come to this station, but all I have left is hope. Hope in the idea that feral will become a viable option for arena play. At the present, it is fairly simple to bubble around 1800 in the 2s bracket as a feral druid teamed with a warrior or a rogue, but the fights almost inevitably become "ah oh, heal the warrior" matches in which cc and healing hold too much of the feral's time. Maybe this is how Blizzard intends it to be, if I were a feral druid and could do these things at will AND have amazing utility while in my dps form, then perhaps I would be too powerful an adversary.

At this point, it seems like feral probably will not receive any worth-while buffs, though they are in need of them for arena viability. The argument often thrown against feral buffs is that it is a "pve spec" rather than a "pvp spec." At present, this may indeed be true, but it is a fallacious answer in that feral druids have pvp gear specifically implemented in the game for said spec, whereas prot warriors do not, and therefore are not for pvp by design, rather than by flawed implementation.

I personally feel that feral druids do not need an MS debuff, though they do need to have access to other abilities that other melee classes get. A snare, weapon enchants proc'ing while in form, and the ability to eat/drink/use items while in form are essentially the only changes I see as "critical" changes that would improve (if not completely rectify) feral viability in the arena.

Okay, enough talk about what ferals need. This has been done to death (both by myself and many countless others on the official druid forum). Let's talk about good reads. My brother has started a blog of his own in which he discusses, what he calls, "adversarial gameplay" and the development process, ideology, and implementation concerning it. The first two reads are very interesting which left me asking the question of "how can these problems be fixed in currently main-stream games, such as WoW or DotA, etc?"

The blog is still young, but I advise any and all of you visitors to go check it out at guntir.blogspot.com. He's currently writing a strategy game for his senior project in school, so it will be interesting gaining insight into this world of game creation that I am fairly unfamiliar with (though I do offer opinions on how best to balance game-play in WoW every post... so I may have some insight into certain topics). I already posted a reply to his most promenant (non-hello-world) post, so the debate will likely begin today.

Eneewace... I guess I'll get back to work... my bosses don't seem to like the fact that I'm posting in my blog instead of working for those hard-earned bucks... but w/e... this project is dumb anyway. I suppose I could just wait on my feral buffs... as I am sure they're coming to the ptr soon...