WHAT!? Oh noz, 2.4 dropped today and I'm still quite a distance from my full feral epics... but I said I would spec feral if the patch dropped today... quite a conundrum. On the one hand, since we merged the teams, I can suck on the feral+warrior team for 3 losses, then win 7 on the spriest+warlock (which we're pretty good at doing, atm) and not worry too much about the team rating. With all the changes to personal rating, it would also be slightly better to do it now, as our personal ratings on the warrior+feral are about 1600 since we had to scrap the other team. So, the highest personal rating on that team in play would be ~1600, so we'd play against 1600 rated teams instead of 1800 rated teams. This could also be a problem, however, because we will likely gain and lose team points based on the team rating, not the personal rating. So yeah, we'll play a 1570 team, lose to it, and only lose 15 personal rating, but the team will lose 45 because it's 300 rating higher... this could be a problem.

Well, I'm spec'ing feral when I get home, and I will have to run some battlegrounds anyway to continue the honor grind (which should be easier because of the 4marks-400 honor quest and instant-honor now), so I'll see if I think feral is viable.

I'll keep this updated.