Feral... man...

Here are some interesting tidbits about ferals. We completely and utterly destroy healing classes that are forced to cast spells which are not instants. Priests? Yeah, I eat priests alive. Ignoring, for a moment, the sad fact that every class but druids have some ability to get non-knockback-able heals, I still have a 1 second attack speed, and so if I do start attacking a shamang who does not have earth shield up, he is unlikely to get off a lesser healing wave between my attacks, maim, warstomp, bash, and feral charge. I have a lot of abilities to interrupt/silence casters. As a melee damage dealer... good, I should have a lot of abilities to lock down casters. However, there is absolutely nothing that I can do about restoration druids. Nothing, they will get themselves up to a 3-stack of lifebloom, then let thorns kill me. There is simply nothing that can be done against druids as feral.

Additionally, I do not have any way to slow anything down, so a good resto shamang will (now) have an instant-cast ghost-wolf to get away from me. They will frost shock me, ghost wolf, and run to a far away (yet still heal accessable) locale, and resume healing... yeah I can shift-shift to continue the chase... but that costs 600 mana of my ridiculously limited mana supply.

Okay, enough of the QQ... we all know that I want a snare deep in the feral tree... that's a moot point.

Here's something fun I did yesterday in AV. I zone in to see that we're winning 385 to 285 (usually the case) and now we're turtling at IBGY (always the case now). So, I start heading over to IBT to try and get it back when I end up just getting into the fray with allies. I pounce a paladin and start my beat-down rotation when I see another druid prowling over. He pounces the paladin too, and we unleash the kind of rape that is illegal in the united states: non-concensual-animal-on-man-rape. I started laughing over hard amazingly hard we raped this paladin. However, the fighting continues, so we just kept the same strategy on all our poor victims. After we clear out IBT, I mount up and head for SHBK because I figured we should capture it for more honor in Turtlerac Valley.

He whispers me: "We should stick together: we're a big bag of rape."

Lawl... yes we are. He may be from a different server and in worse gear than me, but he knows how to play feral. He even has a healing weapon to swap to when we pop out. So, we are defending SHBK from a dual lock combo coming up the steps both with voidwalkers out and soul link up. We focus one down, and we're both at 50%, so we both pop 3x lifeblooms on each other (this is just stupid... how can this be legal) and we're getting something like 1200 hps with 3x lifebloom and rejuv up on each other and ourselves, shift back into cat, and absolutely rape the other lock. It was amazing. I actually support the idea of 2x druid for 2s now. Feral+feral won't be good, it will be amazing....ly bad most the time, with the rare occurrence of greatness when we don't get cc-focused to death. Against, for example, healer+warrior, we could ghost the healer more times than not before the warrior killed one of us, then we pop out to full heal each other and kill the warrior. Against spriest+rogue, however (or worse, warlock+rogue) we would most certainly lose because one of us would be cc-trained the entire match while the other just died... although, the ability of feral druids and running makes it a hard argument that PERHAPS the one being attacked could live through the onslaught until the other is done with his cc...

Who knows. I am actually anxious to see how feral+warrior pans out (I'm guessing poorly... but you never know). Also, I'm TRYING to organize a 5s team of warrior+enhmang+feral+pally+priest for 5s. Each one of the dps has abilities that buff all the rest. Also, windfury for warrior is amazing, and when we crit, we get heals, and when the shamang crits, we all get more attack power... there's a lot of melee synergy on that team. Also, with the introduction of resilience = less mana burning... we might actually stand a chance against drain teams. This might actually be fun again.

Gotta get back to work... but that team might actually work... who knows.