I will be spec'd feral by the end of the day.

I have made up my mind, I am determined. Feral needs love, and the only way I can show that is by playing it and complaining non-stop. We are legion.

At least I will have better gear than before when I was feral... if nothing else I should be impressed by the new numbers and better game-mechanics (also, I have healing gear I can switch to if need be now).

I have been toying around with the idea of spec'ing less straight-up damage and more utility+damage play. I remember life before Control of Nature... it was basically the worst thing ever. I am not sure I can live without it at this point. I imagine that in 2s I will be the focus target most the time (on a warrior+fdruid team) and they will either be double dps or dps+healer, and sometimes the dps will be on you, and you NEED to cyclone someone and cannot waste the 1.5 seconds to cast barkskin (not to mention the mana). So, I came up with this spec as the answer to that. It has control of nature, but I had to give up Primal Tenacity which is really useful in pvp a lot of the time as fear completely destroys feral druids and I only have but the one trinket. Also, I lose the impact that Naturalist gives me. 10% increased physical damage is amazing, but it would only be 4% increased physical damage if I pick up Control of Nature.

This decision will be a hard one. I am probably not going to go this spec immediately, but if I find myself the target more so than the cc-receiver, then I might try it out.