So, after doing 20 matches yesterday (10 on one team, 10 on the other) and facing mostly druid+lock teams (which we can't beat when the druid is nelf... which was all of them), we had a long discussion about the game and the state of ourselves. The conclusion was that at present, the game is a chore more than fun. PvP is not balanced in any way and that's the only reason we play the game. Most likely, we will be taking a hiatus, for how long I cannot say.

As depressed as I was when I went to bed last night, I was feeling amazing today when I came into work. I do not know why. It's probably because I know that I cannot give up WoW since there are no other games out right now that are really worth playing (with my brother, I'll still play CS, HL, HL2, Portal, etc). So eneewace...

I start checking my wow sources (because I'm thinking of spec'ing feral again when my brother stops playing) and see nothing but QQ from the druid community. Apparently, the shamangs got a buffed flametongue weapon that applies a "Reduces healing by 50%" debuff for 5 seconds which refreshes on every hit. My first thought was "wtf... why do shamangs get an ms debuff instead of ferals."

Then I thought... because enhancement shamangs NEEDED a buff. It shouldn't be "instead of ferals" but rather "why do shamangs get a needed buff while feral druids are ignored?" That question makes more sense. ANYWAY: I did some more research and found that there is dissension among the community as to whether it's an ms debuff OR it's an affect that reduces a HEALER'S ability to HEAL by 50%, rather than reducing a targets ability to BE healed by 50%.

If it is indeed an ability that reduces a healer's ability TO heal... then shamang+warrior+healer will be a FORCE to be reconned with in 3s because warrior will apply MS to the healear, and shamang will apply flametongue offhand to the healer, and the healer will have to heal thyself for 25% healing... that's not right in ANY medium. If it is the other side of the coin, however, then shamangs have an overdue ms ability like every other class in the game now (rogues, warriors, hunters). Hopefully it makes its way to feral soon too.

Shamangs would be a formidable 2s partner if they get an ms ability, as well, since they aren't completely mana dependent, shamanistic rage isn't purgeable, and windfury lasts forever and isn't purgeable. Shamangs also bring more dps to the table, and earthshock is arguably better than pummel in terms of an interrupt because it doesn't require melee range. Who knows... maybe my gf's brother's shamang will replace my brother when he quits.... maybe my brother will stick around to play some druid+shamang+warrior with buffs... who knows...


Holy lord... now Toughness (shamang enh talent) reduces snare time by 10/20/30/40/50%... this makes them a ridiculous 2s partner.