Why nerf it SLIGHTLY? Night elf druids will still be able to get 5+ seconds of drinking because of shadowmeld. Why not completely remove it, it's reasonably clear that the intention is not for anyone to sit down and have a drink in the midst of a fight, but they are allowing it to continue because they think that no one can get 5+ seconds of drinking, or they are being completely ignored and therefore can afford time to drink, or are going to lose because their team mate is going to die soon anyway.

As a warrior+druid team (and not being a night elf, myself), we are at a distinct disadvantage against smart mirror teams that have nelf druids. The reason is because each warrior is going to charge and steam after the other's druid. I can run from a warrior nigh-indefinitely when there is LoS in my favor (Nagrand and Blade's Edge, to a lesser extent), but when I can't run without getting hit a lot (read: Lordaeron... hunter's paradise), then I'm inevitably going to lose the healing/mana game. This is simply due to the fact that a nelf druid can nature's grasp / root / cyclone my warrior, drop combat, drink and stealth.

It will take my warrior ~5 extra seconds searching for, and trying to hit, the opposing druid, in which time the druid has gotten a nice cool drink while I have been continually running.

Anyway... druids are still going to be the number one 2s healer unless shadowmeld is nerfed (or drinking is completely removed from arena). Honestly, I think Druids are not super overpowered in arena, I just think that the ability to drink more often than any other mana-using class is broken. In most matches (except against pally+warrior when the warrior is attacking my warrior... which is the mana-intensive fight) I don't even drink. I've had the same 10-stack of water (originally 20) for the last 5 weeks. I'm starting to think that people complain about NELF druids and lump them into the "druids are op" slogans.

Personally, I think my matches that I win are hard-fought, but some matchups are easier. If water was removed from the arena, I would think the QQ'ing about druids being the best healers would go away again. Pallies have the easiest time healing and conserving mana bar none.

Conclusion: remove arena water, give me back my fast running, give me back my lifebloom coefficient, and you'll see a more balanced 2s arena concerning druids.