If I can mount up on the ptr while in moonkin form, then I'm going to spec it when 2.4 releases. Just for the lulz. My brorrior (warrior+brother) and I were doing bgs this weekend for honor (which I don't know what I'm going to spend it on... considering that I have all pvp purps of the latest season) and I was just spamming wrath and starfire for fun. Starfire can put out some frost-bolt-esque damage in healing gear without the good damage talents.

I am doing about 1400 starfires at present, which isn't great, but it is basically spammable because most classes just ignore you if you're casting Starfire. With the 10% damage increase, that bumps it up to 1540, and the addition spell damage talent probably gets that up to 1600-1700 hits. Additionall, in bgs, for some reason, you can crit people... so I'd be walking around with a measely 20% crit rate. In any case, it would be funny and I want to see the lawl-trees.

This is just a musing... I've gotten warrior+druid as far as I want it to go... it was fun, but now that the warrior is in full s2 (he opted for the quick s2 rather than s3), I don't feel the need to be his heal-bot full-time anymore. I want to focus more on 5s just for the fun of it, rather than the competitive side. Doing 1500s 5s would be fine.... we'll see, it has a lot to do with where Moonkins are going on the ptr. I've got 38 minutes before they come back up and I can test the Moonkin riding... which I saw a pic of, but may have been photoshopped. Hopefully, it wasn't...

BAM Starfire.