and possibly dying... very slowly...

Would I play a 60-capped server (without any TBC content)? I dunno... maybe. I remember playing in the morning, drinking my coffee, solo'ing BRD... doing shit that people just didn't really do. Also, fuck raids. I don't care if you wanna do them, fine, just don't bug me or criticise the way I play the game.

No, I don't want to spend 4 hours a day trying to beat a script that someone like me wrote. This is all that is coming across the wow-circuits right now: has 10 million hit points, here are his 5 moves, here's how beat him, here are his loots. Freaking dumb, if you ask me. I like weapons... so I might do some PvE with my rogue (if my buddy can get me into his BT-level guild-runs) to get some pimpin' weapons... but for the most part, the epic weapons only drop from raids.

Okay... I'm tired... and sick. I want to go home and sleep until I feel better. I might stick around, just because I feel bad about taking sick days... but if I keep coughing like this... I'm going the fuck home.

Okay, let's talk pvp. We were rolling 3s (warrior+enhmang+druid) pretty hard. We beat a 1900 PMR team 4 times, though each match took a good long while. Priests can really take a beating now adays. Anyway, we were doing well until we found the new king-of-3s: WPaP (warrior+paladin+priest). So... two healers, but one is dedicated to simply mana burning... and nothing else... our team cannot beat that team... ever. Even after 2.4 nerfs mana burn, we will STILL lose to this team more times than not.

Soooooo, we ended that team over 1600... but we should be in the 1800s if we don't face WPaP... we can take just about every other team. Then my enhmang says "we should get our alts some points." I try to explain to him that our alts have a 1750 2s rating this week, and will get points, but he says his lvl 70 warrior isn't gunna get any...

It gets better. His warrior HAS a 3s team... it's a 1300 rating... okay, let's start over.

My warlock was teamed with my brother's shadow priest. For fun, and out of agrevation, we both respec'd: me to soul-link, him to discipline. He's wearing all s2/s3 shadow gear, but he has ~490 resilience and 800 healing. This isn't great... but it's also better than how my druid started... so we won a couple games as that in 2s and decided to stick with it.

Back to the warrior, he convinces us that the 3s team will get him points, and will be funny if nothing else.

"What weapon are you sporting?" - My bro to the warrior
"Apexis Cleaver... it's the best blue axe in the game..." - The warrior
"... er ... K" - My bro and me
"ERM... is that an Icy Enchant!?!?!?" - Me

ROFLing ensues


But no, he had an epic mount. Anyway... we went something like 14-2. It was hilarious... the teams in this bracket either don't talk to each other, or they have amazingly bad makeups, or they are horribly geared... or SOMETHING. I have no idea, but seeing me and my bro in full s2/s3 rolling in with a warrior in s1 gear apparently made all our opponents crap themselves in fear.

That bracket is much more hilarious than playing at higher rated brackets.