I was sick yesterday, so I didn't have a chance to post. Additionally, I was furious from our PvP exploits from the night before. Needless to say, I have shunned my druid since then...

I'm just unclear on how people can complain about resto druids in the 2s bracket. Sure, my druid+warrior team can beat a slew of odd combinations (mage+healer, rogue+d/h-priest, damned-near-anything+shamang), but there are just some teams we can not beat. We can't beat a soul-linked lock with almost any healer unless it's a priest... and he has to be pretty dumb. We can't beat any rogue+mage team... ever... in fact my spriest+warlock team can't either... mage+rogue is insane...

We can't beat:
soul-link + pally
soul-link + druid
soul-link + shamang
soul-link + rogue
soul-link + mage
soul-link + spriest

We went up against a team that had a ret-pally and a soul-linked warlock, BOTH were wearing the season 3 shoulders, and we couldn't beat them... the ret pally hit me for 1200... straight away did more damage than my warrior... I just don't know what to make of it...

Oh... right, I was writing one of these blog entry things... sorry, my back started one of its painful omg-my-painfully-amazing-pain bouts. Anyway... we're reasonably convinced, at this point, that the druid+warrior team is bonex'd (which just means in a world of hurt) now that new and better FotM 2s squads are becoming popular. Mage+Rogue is my favorite. Although, soul link will never go out of fashion, so long as it remains where it is in the tree (should be switched with felguard imo, felguard+siphon life isn't as op as soul-link siphon life is).

Anyway, the brutal whamping of our "good" team made us grind even harder; I did up 2 levels on my rogue yesterday between bouts of vomiting to hit 60. Let me tell you, for those of you who haven't rolled up an alt lately, that going from the budget land mount to the epic land mount is something amazing. It makes EVERYTHING easier.

So, the plan now is to get my rogue to 70, get him some arena gear via honor, and to pair him with the shadow priest for some quick arena points and, hopefully, and 1850 rating to get the main season's weapons. Also, we're going to pair his paladin (when he hits 70, currently 40) with my warlock, and will have respec'd him to soul-link and siphon life (unless insane nerfs have flowed down the pipe that makes that a bad spec... unlikely).

Oh well, if nothing else, my rogue is my farming toon. 20-stacks of thorium are still selling for ~20g (and quickly), as are large brilliant shards, though I cannot imagine why. So, the idea is to gear him enough where he can do my druid's old DM-East runs, in which you down the satyr boss, the water boss, the belf and her imp, and (newly added for the rogue) the satyr boss in front of the exit cave with the 2-3 Rich Thorium Veins. I never used to do the last satyr boss because he was a waste of farming time, but since the rogue has mining, it will make more money to do it, than to skip it.

I can hardly wait... the only bummer now is breaking the news to my g/f that my rogue is now 4 levels higher than hers... I wish she would play more, but I really want to hit 70 and start the real farming... oh well, maybe I'll play my 58 shamang with her rogue... I don't particularly care if the shamang ever gets an epic mount... or even to 70... so at least that way I can play that with her without fear of running away with it.