BAH, you can't mound in moonkin. Also, with all the talents in the balance tree, I simply don't hit more than 100 damage harder. The only difference is that I crit 9% more of the time with starfire and wrath, and when those hit they do 200% damage, instead of 150%. Because int->crit was nerfed for druids on the ptr as well (yeah, stealthy, I know), my crit is a paltry 16% in moonkin, so nuts to that.

I liked the big damage, when it happened... which was rare. 3000 starfire crits are nice, and I'm sure that if I had a respectable crit rate and respectable damage gear (I'm wearing my resto gear), it would have been a more enjoyable experience, but I think that the druid class is too hybridy to spec fully into one tree... I didn't even USE Force of Nature because of how put off I was by the damage in moonkin.

My wrath currently hits for ~800, with moonkin it hit for ~900... and I lose the ability to cast my heals. Long story short, no, I will not be spec'ing moonkin.

Though, if feral got a snare, I should would fancy the opportunity to go feral again...