I love the points the Ooglar makes a lot of the time. Ooglar is written by a Gladiator feral druid, a Merciless Gladiator resto druid, and a soon to be Vengeful Gladiator feral druid.

What's wrong with feral? Lots. I've been over the list, you know what's wrong with feral. However, I don't think I put it as eloquently as the Ooglar's author does. My favorite quote is this:

- At the moment, shifting out to Rejuv / Lifebloom is retarded, because they heal for next to nothing; unless you've stacked +heal. If you're stacked +heal, shoot yourself in the groin.

I really miss being feral, but looking at it, I just don't have a good team mate to roll feral with. The Ooglar points out that feral can be an effective 2s team paired with an ice mage, which I can see because feral is comparable to a rogue, and rogue+mage is horrendously powerful right now. Currently, my 2s partners are limited to a shadow priest (which we tried feral with, and it's just not as good) or a warrior.

Warrior really is not a dps class, warrior is a damage+utility+melee-outlaster class. This makes my druid specs hard to play with. However, currently Deep is playing a balance/resto hybrid spec in resto gear that is reasonably hilarious and surprisingly good. I was actually considering spec'ing that and rolling around with my shadow priest again for fun. It would certainly be hilarious if nothing else.

I don't know if balance/resto hybrid will work with warrior as a team-mate, but it doesn't really matter. I'm seeing that team winding down, I'm tired of the same contrived play style, so we're going to focus on 5s more. The 5s brackets allows for more hybrid-like specs for druids, since we are off healers at best, and usually just there for nature's swiftness healing touching whomever has been targeted while the pally was cc'd. After the cc-train on the pally has ended, and the opposing team's target is still alive (while one of their team-mates is dead, hopefully) I can start the cc-train on them, and dps/lifebloom during cyclone's duration.

I don't know... it might be funny, we'll see. I'll post later with something that I'll try out... but it's hard to walk away from feral charge and/or swiftmend, considering how much utility they each bring to the table.