The QQ posts in the druid and PTR forums are PALPABLE.

Neth has announced that the feral set bonus would indeed include the 15% cheetah form speed increase as well as cat and bear, and the resto 4-piece bonus has been changed from -0.25 seconds off healing touch to 0.2 seconds off of regrowth. I can live with this... regrowth needs its mana consumption lowered a bit, but otherwise a decent change that will be interpretted as a nerf.

Really, it IS a nerf, but I'm so sick and tired of running in PvP. I know it's what we do best... but I'm ready for some healing as opposed to running. Priests can't really run, but they have pain suppression and power-word:shield to combat that fact, also they have a talent that makes them ignore spell knockback. Paladins have bubble, plate, a shield, and zero knockback with concentration aura up. Shamangs have... well a shield and some totems and some knockback resist... druid have "run away"

Hopefully they buff our survivability a little bit to help us live longer through the beat-down. More info as it comes.