This is a diatribe that I'm going to have trouble not spilling obscenities into over and over again...

Concerning the Kodohide set:
"4-piece bonus: Reduces the casting time of your healing touch by 0.25 seconds."

... wait ... what? I'm sorry, there was something insane buzzing in my ear, I thought I heard someone say "-0.25 seconds off healing touch," then everything went hot-white and I came to my senses with a dead coworker next to my desk, and blood all over my hands and knife...

Okay... so it is official now: Blizzard developers do not play druids. They don't know anyone who plays druids, they don't know anyone who KNOWS anyway who plays druids. They didn't know that druids were in the game until asked about fixing feral itemization at last year's BlizzCon... and of course the reply was "... is that like two handed swords ... or ... what?"

This scathing summary can only really be done as a satire conversation at this point:

"My pally+warrior team keeps losing to druid+warrior in the 2s bracket." -Tigole

"... what is a druid?" - Dev1

"I don't know... but it heals, kinda like a pally, but they can run away as a cheetah, or something, and have heals that they apply to their target... and have no cast times..." - Tigole

"OOOOH, yeah, we threw them a bunch of something they call 'hots' because all their direct heals cost more than Holy Light and only heal comparably to it... why, are this 'hots' becoming a problem?" -Dev1

"Maybe... but if I could just HIT them, they'd die so fast... they're only wearing leather, I hear... so they should go down faster than a shaman." -Tigole

"I see... what if we removed travel form?" - Dev1

"See, I thought about that, but my crazy cousin plays a druid, and he assured me that that would result in ~2 million accounts canceled." - Tigole

"Shit, there are that many of them? Well, we can't have that... what about just reducing travel form's movement speed?" - Dev1

"Well... it's been in its current state since beta... and no one has complained about it until now..." - Tigole

"LOOK AT THIS, some idiot made their 4-set bonus INCREASE it's speed by 15%... we'll just nerf THAT" - Dev1

"THAT'S PERFECT, what will you replace it with?" - Tigole

"Replace it? Can't we just remove it?" - Dev1

"You idiot, they'll know we're on to them... just change it to something else... make it so they're more like paladins... reduce the cast time of one of their bigger heals, that ought to keep them from rioting." - Tigole

And thus, I had to go to Blizzard and kill everyone in the building that day.

NO NO, time is not yet upon us... if anyone can get into the PTR, log on, and leave ~10,000 feedback messages on your armor informing the devs just how retarded this change truly is. I haven't been able to copy a character over yet... but as soon as I can... it'll be nothing but feedback posts for a while.