Fine... I'll ignore the glaringly horrible nerf that druids are issued on the ptrs... let's talk about the buffs.

Mana drain buffed (wtf... from 200 a tick to 300 a tick). Someone will have to explain this to me.

All mana drains are now reduced by resilience, woot. Even though, it's probably comparable to dots, which means that they're reduced by the amount of crit reduction, something like 25%.. so that means that from live to ptr, warlocks have had their drain mana buffed from 200 a tick to 225 a tick against 500 resilience... oh well, that nerfs priests and hunters... only really hunters and warlocks needed it... maybe priests... no idea.

EDIT: wow apparently the mana drain nerf is based off the damage multiplier from resilience, not the crit chance... so that's a HUGE mana drain nerf. nerfed
HOLY POOP, that's amazing. 450 resilience = 22.83% reduction in mana drained. That means that 300 per tick becomes ~230 per tick... but it also reduces Mana Burn and Viper Sting.... I'm DOWN with this change.

AV group queue... neat? Just means that guilds will roll us in AV again.

Nether vortexes and primal nethers purchaseable by badges... great... every warrior will have skillherald now...

Apparently pallies got nerfed too, their holy 4-piece is changed:

- Paladin healing 4 piece Arena/PVP set bonus changed from "Reduces the cooldown of your Hammer of Justice by 10 sec." to "Increases the healing from your Holy Shock spell by 30%."

That helps... it'll be hard to say until we play it... but I finally got my druid on the ptr... so feedback... here it comes... if they don't change the 4-piece bonus, it might be worth looking into wearing 2 pieces of balance to get that bonus resilience... extra resilience means more mana drain resistance now...