So, I had been working on a little pet project: an IRC client written in Java and QT:Jambi. I'm at the point now where I think it's done-ish, though not complete by ANY standard. I just wanted to see how easy to use this QT:Jambi stuff was compared to Swing, and it DOES seem a lot more straight forward (and powerful, since it's JNI C++ bindings).

So anyways...

Lots of whining going on in the Test Realm Forum as of late. There are a lot of level 10 gnome rogues/warriors coming in to say things like "can you feel the 2.4 resto druid nerfs coming? I can." All this does is amuse me. I'm not worried, because Blizzard knows (and I mean knows) that druids are under represented in 5s and it is because of how weak their group play is. That being said, if any nerfs are coming down the chute for 2.4, I expect we shall see more buffs to the resto (and others) tree than nerfs to accommodate 5v5.

I'm actually looking forward to it. I cannot wait for the "Cyclone has been nerfed into oblivion but regrowth has had its mana consumption reduced drastically and its HoT portion removed in favor of more front-loaded healing." Then we'll see more posts "Cyclone wasn't OP, it was travel form!!!" However, Blizzard won't change travel form... it's been a staple of the druid play-style since the onset. Changing travel form would be like changing warriors to wearing mail only.

Okay, that was a bad comparison, but I only made it because there ARE no comparisons to be made in this regard; a change to travel form is NOT on the way.