There just HAS to be a faster way. Man, I ran BRD last night with my druid showing my rogue the ropes, and there HAS to be a faster way. We stealthed to Incendius, simple. Jumped down and ran to the launch-pad-ledge (overlooking the island of fire elementals), simple. Killed the roaming fire elemental in the lava, simple. Got to the island, simple. Got to the other side without agro'ing the universe, simple. Did the torch room, simple. Killed the molten giant boss, simple.

Man...the Emperor's room is easy to clear, it just takes forever, a day, and 10 stacks of water: rogue saps the elite, then druid agros everyone into a corner, rejuv, barkskin, hurricanes, and everyone dies while the elite is incapacitated. Then wrath-spam the elite. The problem is that there are 10 of these blasted groups, and occassionally your hurricane won't kill everything, but sliver them all. So, you have to chase and use a high-rank moonfire to kill them. However, sometimes they pull another group.

BAH, it was enfuriatingly drawn out... but simple.

The Emperor and his Princess... well, at least killing them wasn't hard, it just takes some time and some doing. Eventually, the princess runs out of mana for heals, so your insect swarm and moonfire combos (you usually don't have time or LoS for wrath) eventually kill her. I was at 85% mana when she went down... but that took a long time AND I spent a lot of time out the five second rule.

The Emperor has a buff... I don't know what it is, but essentially it's Cloak of Shadows a la fire. He becomes immune to your damaging spells, so if you see this buff, don't cast, just keep running. Again, this is a little easier because your insect swarm and moonfire combos kill him off pretty easily. Also, you can occassionally get some wraths in as he chases you, but it makes for a longer chase ultimately as you hit him in his Cloak of Fire mode a lot.

I did one run (my g/f's rogue was tagging along too, hence only one run), and neither the Hand of Justice, nor the Ironfoe dropped. Sadness ensued. So much so, that I went back to Un'goro and grinded a bit.