Okay, time to rant about my rogue for a bit. *Ahem* My rogue makes my feral druid of yore look silly. I honestly cannot fathom how Blizz thinks that feral druids are balanced when compared to the slew of utility and dps abilites rogues get. Honestly, my rogue cannot die unless I want him to. Cheat death, vanish, blind, sprint, gouge, shadowstep, insane damage output, all these things add up to a very versatile and survivable dps class.

Who cares!? I do, you dolts. My brother is grinding up a paladin as I write and you read. He has gone from 1-40 in just under 2 days played time (about 3 weeks real time). When he gets to 70 (and my rogue gets some gear), we're going to have yet another 2s team. The question then becomes "Pally+Rogue and Spriest+UA-Lock, or Pally+SL/SL and Spriest+Rogue".

I've seen a number of really high rated Spriest+Rogue teams, because essentially they're outlast / double dps. It's weird, for instance, the spriest+lock team right now is strictly a double dps team, we can't really win a mana war because neither of us can take damage all that well. So, rogue + healer and warrior + healer usually can beat us. However, Rogue+Spriest will have a different style of play, sap one, stun the other and mana burn him down at the same time. Since, rogues can drop tons and tons of damage and keep a stunlock going, that gives the priest plenty of time to drop full dots and start mana burning the healer (who we have presumably stun-locked).

For instance, against paladin, the rogue will sap the dps class, then open the stun-train on the paladin while the priest mana burns. As soon as the paladin bubbles, he's either just inside of cheap shot (which means that the rogue can walk away and restealth) or has been mana burned to the point of 50-75% mana. Either way, your team has an advantage now. Additionally, sl/sl + paladin is almost always an amazing team, so pairing the rogue with the spriest isn't a bad idea.

On the other side of the coin, our spriest + lock team has GREAT synergy. Extra shadow damage all over the place, great cc, good mana draining abilities, CoT, etc. Additionally, rogue + paladin healer would be great because the main drawback of rogues (at least, by their forum complaints) is their lack of mobility (lawl). Teamed with a paladin (the best burst healer in the game in terms of efficiency and ability), the rogue would get Blessing of Freedom (op, imo) and the paladin could put JoJ on any druid target. Essentially, BoF+rogue vs. JoJ+druid = dead druid.

So, we shall see. Because it looks like my rogue will hit 70 before my bro's pally, I'll probably play him with the spriest and see how that goes. If it goes well, it may just fall into place putting the sl/sl lock with the paladin because the paladin doesn't need insane gear for that makeup to win a bunch of matches easily. Oh well, better keep grinding...♦