Yeah, that's right, but only a little.

It has been an odd (long) week for me. Monday night, I was rolling 5s to finish up the week and at around 12:30 Tuesday morning, my girlfriend had horrible stomach pains. After about two hours of trying tums and aspirin and a heating pad and anything else I could think of, I picked her out of bed, and took her to the emergency room. I'm finally back at work (and she's at home resting on codeine and levequin, an antibiotic) after 36 hours of being awake on Monday/Tuesday. I think it's Thursday now...

Last night, my brother and I get on WoW and decide to do some 2v2 on our spriest+warlock team. I got my spellblade on my warlock right before, so we figured we'd take it out for a spin. It turns out that adding 105 spell damage to your arsenal makes a rather large difference. We won 2, lost 1 to a mage in greens and blue teamed with a rogue with the twin blade of azzinoth and full s3 gear >_<, then won 2 against a shamang+warrior team, then lost to the same shamang warrior team because the warrior insta-gibbed me with a mace-stun proc followed by windfury windfury, then we went against a druid+warrior team.

Okay, our team makeup is the BANE of the druid+warrior team. The match starts, we dot up the warrior, then I start pelting him with sbolts. We get him to 20% behind a pillar with the druid feared, but I'm at like 15%. I get shadowburn off, but I die, then sw:d kills the warrior. Now for the fun...

Druid has priest dots and corruption and maybe siphon life on him, but is otherwise at 100% everything. My priest is at 40% mana, 80% health, and thinks he's won. Basically, my priest keeps dotting up the druid, who goes cat form for lawl-dps until he's at 30%, then pillar-humps until his lifebloom brings him back to full while my priest throws a ridiculously mana-efficient gheal on himself to full.


About an hour and a half later, I decide to afk from the match because the druid isn't going to let my priest rez me, it's just not big enough in Nagrand arena to get distance, drop combat, and rez. So, the plan was simple, get the druid thinking he's about to win, with priest at 1000 hp and the druid at 20-30%, then pop shadowform and drop everything you've got on him and hope it's enough... it didn't work for an hour and a half, so I decided to go to bed.

I quit, turn off my monitors, turn off the light in my office, turn off the light in the living room, get my gf's pain pills, a bottle of water, put it on her nightstand, grab her cell phone, turn off the alarm for 7:30AM, take the house phone, put it on the charger... my cell phone rings. My cell phone gets AMAZINGLY bad reception in my apartment. It's my brother, so I call him back on the house phone.

"16 points... I almost wish we lost..." -Guntir

"16 point win? I'm fine with that... just wish you did it a little faster." -Me

An hour later, I realize that I didn't post my nerf suggestion: no mana regen in feral forms other than travel. I.e., if you don't have a mana bar, you don't regen mana. Done. This won't really affect ferals, but something way up the feral tree should also reduce shifting by a bit more, so it would only cost like 90 to travel, and 200 to get into everything else, since they spend the majority of their time in feral forms without mana bars. This won't affect druids' 5s viability because it's less of a turtle-n-outlast game.