I don't like hunters. I know they bring good dps and utility, I just don't care for them. In arena, they have so many problems with LoS issues, they go down too fast, etc. My fives team looks like this:

me (resto druid)
holy paladin (can't have a 5s team without one)
enhancement shamang (insane dps boost to melees and brings good dps himself)
rogue (or my bro's warrior from time to time)

That hunter just doesn't have any synergy with the group. It's hard to justify dropping windfury for the rogue because it's just not that great a dps boost for just 1 more guy. What I'd like to see is the hunter get replaced with my bro's warrior, so we'd have mortal strike rolling in there and lose a guy who gets insta-gibbed out the gate against decent teams. That would be good, but what I REALLY want to try is a burst team.

Yeah, bursting people went out the door when resilience was added to the game... in 1v1 and 2v2 scenarios. It's nearly impossible to burst people down in small scale pvp, but in large scale pvp, bursting people down still works. I'd LOVE to see the hunter replaced by an adrenaline rush lethality rogue. That way, we'd have one rogue shs-hemo-lethality, and the other pumping out sinister strikes with hemo up. All the while, the windfury totem would be adding insane burst damage to each of our dpsers. Plus, we would have 2 saps and two blinds, so the match would start by two guys getting sapped, then when they trinket both would get blinded for full duration. Ideally, each of these two targets would be healers so we could gib their dps classes for the easier wins.

While rogues can dish out the pain, they also drop kind of quickly. So, maybe both would end up having to be shs to get cheat death. So far, we've won a couple of matches because of the bugged cheat death keeping the rogue up long enough for a holy-light+healing-touch dropped on them for 10k. If they're both cheat death, then we can bounce them back up during CD and hopefully down their dpsers to keep the rogues rolling.

Although, warrior would work pretty well, but he needs a weapon upgrade. Thunder just doesn't cut it anymore, he needs a s3 weapon.