I know, not Druid-related, but I need to get some stuff off my chest. Time Warner Cable is going to start rolling out "Tiered" broadband subscriptions as opposed to their currently implemented "All You Can Download Buffet" system. What does this mean for the power users (the BitTorrenters, the people who run their own servers and get some traffic, the people who play games)? It means that you'll end up having to pay more for something you already have. What does it mean for the people who just browse gmail everyday? It means that you'll end up paying a fixed amount for something you aren't strictly using.

This isn't a violation of Fair Use, but it does seem to be a step backwards. Instead of updating a 20-year-old network system (the actual cables carrying the data), ISPs are deciding that it's just easier to throttle most users with price, and give what they currently offer today to the people willing to pay through the nose for it. Unless someone stands against these types of moves, Corporate America will end up running the internet instead of the people (just like the country, might I add).

Personally, if Time Warner does go through with the Tiered Packages, I will be switching my services to another ISP that doesn't.