So, it's school time again. Not for me, thankfully, but for my brother. His return to the scholarly world (in the same major as me: computer science) will probably mean fewer pvp hours logged for our teams. He assures me that it will be different this semester, what with him not having any group projects that require him presiding over like a parent to children, but I cannot help but be a bit skeptical. Only time will tell, and I suppose this week will be a good idea of how the semester will go. I suppose that in the worst case, it will only be five months until he graduates and is in my mind-numbing position of life and ready for some WoW every night... except the weekends...

So, I went out for my buddy's birthday last night. I had a lot of fun, but I'm so severely hung over that I'm really contemplating putting a fork in my ribs just to move the pain away from my brain. I didn't get a chance to play much yesterday, but I did get my rogue to 52. He's hemorrhage shadow-step, which I find is an interestingly hard-hitting build. For some reason, hemorrhage does more damage than sinister strike (with hemorrhage's extra damage debuff up) and costs 10 (or 5) fewer energy.

My brother and I played golf yesterday, as well. We talked about how ridiculous hemorrhage is, and he wonders if hemo-dagger-shadowstep is a good build now. His belief is that the hemorrhage damage gets added before the multipliers for backstab, which may be true (and if it is... then I REALLY need to spec that direction and try it out).

It turns out that hemorrhage really does improve your damage output better with faster weapons more so than slower weapons. Reason being, if a dagger and a mace have the same damage per second, and the mace swings slower, adding a flat, non-scaling, amount to the damage done will increase the faster weapon's damage the same as the slower weapon, but then the faster weapon's divisor in the damage-per-second calculation is smaller, so the quotient ends up being bigger. I don't know... maybe I'll try out daggers for a bit and see what that's like.

I know this is a druid blog, but I felt like talking about one of my alts. That happens sometimes.