Let's play.


1) Cyclone is left in tact, physical ability that cannot be dispelled save a trinket click.

2) Cyclone is made into a magic ability, but is accompanied by a physical debuff that slows movement speed by 50% and casting/attack speed is increased/decreased by 25% and lasts 10 seconds after Cyclone is removed (either dispelled or finished normally).

3) Cyclone is left a physical attack, but subjects can now take healing and damage but cannot move or make actions themselves, chance to break on damage (moonkins rejoin, you can finally nuke one of your cc'd targets).

4) Roots is made into a physical attack...link blind... (I wish this one would happen more than the others).

5) Moonkin Form and Tree of Life form can now ride mounts.


1a) Improved Leader of the Pack is replaced with a 2 point talent "Ligament Tear" which increases Bleed damage done by 5/10% and will reduce the target's movement speed by 30% when affected by your Bleeds.

2a) All shapeshifting reduced in cost to 13% base mana (same as travel form)

2b) Int removed from feral gear and replaced with stam, resilience, defense, and strength where apt. (These two will have the affect of increasing Feral's potency in pvp settings without making them horribly overpowered because of healing. Ferals will have about 2500 mana in full pvp gear, and can thus shapechange 10-20 times per fight without abusing heals/cyclone/roots/etc.)

3) Sharpened Claws has been replaced by Omen of Clarity and Omen of Clarity is now passive instead of a magic effect.


1) Removed melee for mana aspect of Moonkin form, replaced with spell critical strikes have a 50% chance to return 75% of their mana to you and your group.

2) Force of Nature given a pet bar that controls all three pets simultaneously.

3) Nature's Grace reduces your next spell's cast speed by 0.5 seconds and removes your next cast from the global cooldown. (so wrath can be continually chain-cast without the annoying "you can't do that yet" popping)

4) Moonkin restriction changed to cannot cast spells that are of type healing (healing touch, lifebloom, rejuv, regrowth) but can cast abolish poison and remove curse.


(Not many buffs needed here)

1) Tree of Life's speed snare is removed.

2) Tree of Life now has a built in 15% damage reduction to physical damage.

3) Tree of Life can cast any spell that isn't offensive (starfire, insect swarm, roots, wrath, moonfire) but can cast anything else (cyclone, abolish poison, remove curse, lifebloom, etc).

4) Tree of Life's bonus healing is now int-based rather than spirit based